Best answer: What are the types of pages in SQL Server?

What are different part of a SQL page?

A data page consist of three sections. Page Header ,actual data and row offset array.

What are data pages in SQL Server?

The disk space allocated to a data file is logically divided into pages which is the fundamental unit of data storage in SQL Server. A database page is an 8 KB chunk of data. When you insert any data into a SQL Server database, it saves the data to a series of 8 KB pages inside the data file.

What are the types of SQL Server?

Various Editions of SQL Server are Enterprise, Standard, Web, Developer, and Express.

What are pages in a database?

A page is a unit of storage whose size is configurable on a system-wide, database-wide, or conglomerate-specific basis. By default, a conglomerate grows one page at a time until eight pages of user data (or nine pages of total disk use, which includes one page of internal information) have been allocated.

What is DCM page in SQL Server?

Summary. The Differential Changed Map or DCM is a bitmap that SQL Server uses to track which pages changed since the last full backup. It is stored in DCM pages, one per GAM interval. A differential backup will backup the pages marked as changed in the DCM.

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What is a GAM page?

GAM(Global Allocation Map): GAM pages records what extents have been allocated for any use. GAM has bit for every extent. If the bit is 1, the corresponding extent is free, if the bit is 0, the corresponding extent is in use as uniform or mixed extent. A GAM page can hold information of around 64000 extents.

What are different types of database?

Types of Databases

  • 1) Centralized Database. It is the type of database that stores data at a centralized database system. …
  • 2) Distributed Database. …
  • 3) Relational Database. …
  • 4) NoSQL Database. …
  • 5) Cloud Database. …
  • 6) Object-oriented Databases. …
  • 7) Hierarchical Databases. …
  • 8) Network Databases.

What is boot page in SQL Server?

The boot page provides metadata information for the entire database. … When a SQL Server instance starts up, it reads the boot page for every database on the instance and logs an entry about the last CHECKDB run in the error logs.

What is MDF extension?

mdf extension is a Master Database File used by Microsoft SQL Server to store user data. It is of prime importance as all the data is stored in this file. The MDF file stores users data in relational databases in the form columns, rows, fields, indexes, views, and tables.

What is SQL and different types of SQL?

Type of SQL statements are divided into five different categories: Data definition language (DDL), Data manipulation language (DML), Data Control Language (DCL), Transaction Control Statement (TCS), Session Control Statements (SCS).

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What are Table types in SQL?

The following are the various types of tables in SQL Server.

  • User Tables (Regular Tables) Regular tables are the most important tables. …
  • Local Temporary Tables. Local temporary tables are the tables stored in tempdb. …
  • Global Temporary Tables. …
  • Creation of Table with the Help of Another Table. …
  • Table Variable.

How many data types are there in SQL?

In MySQL there are three main data types: string, numeric, and date and time.

What are pages in mysql?

InnoDB stores all records inside a fixed-size unit which is commonly called a “page” (though InnoDB sometimes calls it a “block” instead). Currently all pages are the same size, 16KB. A page contains records, but it also contains headers and trailers.

How do I view pages in SQL Server?

We can use the DBCC PAGE command to look into the content of any page in Sql Server. DBCC PAGE command is an Sql Server un-documented (i.e. feature that may change or removed without any notice or may produce un-expected result.