Can multiple interfaces be implemented in Java?

Java does not support “multiple inheritance” (a class can only inherit from one superclass). However, it can be achieved with interfaces, because the class can implement multiple interfaces. Note: To implement multiple interfaces, separate them with a comma (see example below).

How many interfaces can you implement in Java?

But if you really really want to know the theoretical maximum number of interfaces a class can implement, it’s 65535.

How can we implement multiple interfaces in Java with example?

If a class implements multiple interfaces, or an interface extends multiple interfaces, it is known as multiple inheritance.

  1. interface Printable{
  2. void print();
  3. }
  4. interface Showable{
  5. void show();
  6. }
  7. class A7 implements Printable,Showable{
  8. public void print(){System.out.println(“Hello”);}

Why multiple interface is used in Java?

Multiple inheritance is something that can cause multiple problems. Interfaces are used to give abilities to instances of the class that implement them.

Can interface extend multiple interfaces?

Yes, we can do it. An interface can extend multiple interfaces in Java.

Can interface implement another interface?

An interface can extend any number of interfaces but one interface cannot implement another interface, because if any interface is implemented then its methods must be defined and interface never has the definition of any method.

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What is the difference between interface and multiple interface?

Interface is notihg but it act as a intermediator between two objects or two programs(program or object may be different). In interface both can use. But multiple interface is a process of obtaining or reciving the properties of more than one class. In multiple inheritance only informations are used by derived class.

Can many classes implement the same interface?

A class can implement many interfaces but can have only one superclass. An interface is not part of the class hierarchy. Unrelated classes can implement the same interface.

Can interface inherit another interface?

Yes, We one Interface can inherit from another interface and the class which inherit the interface must have to provide the implementation of the full chain inheritance. Yes, one interface can inherit another interface.

Can abstract class implement multiple interfaces Java?

An abstract class permits you to make functionality that subclasses can implement or override whereas an interface only permits you to state functionality but not to implement it. A class can extend only one abstract class while a class can implement multiple interfaces.