How do you create a print method in Java?

What is the command to print in Java?

print(): print() method in Java is used to display a text on the console. This text is passed as the parameter to this method in the form of String. This method prints the text on the console and the cursor remains at the end of the text at the console.

What is the syntax of print statement?

Description. Use the PRINT statement to send data to the screen, a line printer, or another print file. The ON clause specifies the logical print channel to use for output. is an expression that evaluates to a number from -1 through 255.

What is the difference between print () and println () in Java?

The main difference between print and println is that print method prints the string but does not move the cursor to a new line while the println method prints the string and moves the cursor to a new line. In brief, print does not add any new line while println adds a new line after displaying the text.

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How do you print a line in Java?

There are many ways to print new line in string been illustrated as below:

  1. Using System. lineSeparator() method.
  2. Using platform-dependent newline character.
  3. Using System. getProperty() method.
  4. Using %n newline character.
  5. Using System. out. println() method.

How do I print something?


  1. Open the file you’d like to print.
  2. Tap the menu button. It looks like three stacked dots.
  3. Tap “Print”.
  4. Tap the drop-down arrow. It’s located near the top of your screen.
  5. Tap the printer you’d like to print from.
  6. Tap the print button.

How do I print a print statement?

print() Parameters

  1. objects – object to the printed. * indicates that there may be more than one object.
  2. sep – objects are separated by sep. Default value: ‘ ‘
  3. end – end is printed at last.
  4. file – must be an object with write(string) method. If omitted, sys. …
  5. flush – If True, the stream is forcibly flushed.

How would you print characters like and in Java?

Answer. We print the characters like , ‘and” in java by putting backslash (/) before these symbols.

How does the print statement related to making programs?

Most programming languages have the concept of a statement. … In this case, the command print means “show on the screen,” not “print on the printer.” The programmer either gives the statement directly to the computer (by typing it while launching a special program), or creates a text file with the command in it.

How do you print a word in Java?


  1. Take the string.
  2. Break the string into words with the help of split() method in String class. …
  3. Traverse each word in the string array returned with the help of Foreach loop in Java. …
  4. Calculate the length of each word using String. …
  5. If the length is even, then print the word.
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How the print and println methods are related to the system class and the out object?

println() – It is used to print the statement. The system is a class, out is the object of PrintStream class, println() is the method of PrintStream class which displays the result and then throws the cursor to the next line.

How do you print a sentence in Java?

Example of nextLine() method

  1. import java.util.*;
  2. class UserInputDemo1.
  3. {
  4. public static void main(String[] args)
  5. {
  6. Scanner sc= new Scanner(; // is a standard input stream.
  7. System.out.print(“Enter a string: “);
  8. String str= sc.nextLine(); //reads string.

How do I add a space to a print statement in Java?

The simplest way to properly space your output in Java is by adding manual spacing. For instance, to output three different integers, “i,” “j” and “k,” with a space between each integer, use the following code: System. out.

How will you print n on the screen?

printf(“\n”); This will print n on the output screen. EXPLANATION: If you write only printf(“n”), this will print a new line on the screen, because it is an newline creator.