How do you return an ArrayList in Java?

How do I return an ArrayList in Java?

public class Test{ public ArrayList<Integer> myNumbers() { ArrayList<Integer> numbers = new ArrayList<Integer>(); numbers. add(5); numbers. add(11); numbers. add(3); return(numbers); } } public class T{ public static void main(String[] args){ Test t = new Test(); ArrayList<Integer> arr = t.

Can we return an ArrayList?

Return an ArrayList From a Non-Static Function in Java

We will work with a function that creates and returns an ArrayList of some size. We will try to invoke this function in another class. This function is non-static, so an object of the class will be needed to invoke it.

What is the return type of an ArrayList?

So the method get , which is the method we described above, is documented as having argument type int and return type E meaning that if get is called on an object of type ArrayList<Integer> it returns an Integer , if it is called on an object of type ArrayList<String> it returns a String , and so on.

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How do you return a list in Java?

The list() method of java. util. Collections class is used to return an array list containing the elements returned by the specified enumeration in the order they are returned by the enumeration.

How do you return an ArrayList to an ArrayList in Java?

4 Answers. If you cannot change the signature and it is mandatory to return an arraylist, then you can create an arraylist with just one element and return it. Something like this: ArrayList returnList = new ArrayList(); returnList.

How do you return an ArrayList to a string in Java?

Method 2: Using toArray() method of ArrayList class

  1. Get the ArrayList of String.
  2. Convert ArrayList to Object array using toArray() method.
  3. Iterate and convert each element to the desired type using typecasting. Here it is converted to String type and added to the string array.
  4. Print the string array.

How do you return an ArrayList to a string?

Convert ArrayList to String Using the join() Method in Java

We can use the join() method of the String class to join ArrayList elements into a single string. This method returns a string and can be used to convert ArrayList to String in Java.

Is ArrayList same as list Java?

List vs ArrayList in Java. … ArrayList class is used to create a dynamic array that contains objects. List interface creates a collection of elements that are stored in a sequence and they are identified and accessed using the index. ArrayList creates an array of objects where the array can grow dynamically.

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What is size () in Java?

The size() method of the List interface in Java is used to get the number of elements in this list. That is, this method returns the count of elements present in this list container.

How do I return an ArrayList long?

You can fix this by explicitly telling Java to interpret the numbers as long , you do so by appending l or L after the number: new ArrayList<Long>(Arrays.

How do I print an ArrayList in reverse order?

To reverse an ArrayList in java, one can use Collections class reverse method i.e Collections. reverse() method. Collections reverse method reverses the element of ArrayList in linear time i.e time complexity is O(n). Collections reverse method accepts a List type as an argument.

What does ArrayList size return?

ArrayList to find the length or size of ArrayList in Java. The size() method returns an integer equal to a number of elements present in the array list. … Also, when an ArrayList is first created it is called empty ArrayList, and size() will return zero. If you add elements then size grows one by one.

How do you return a string list in Java?

2 Answers

  1. integer : It will either be an int or an Integer . Use ArrayList.
  2. new List<String> : It’s an interface. You can’t instantiate an interface.
  3. ‘Test’ : Single quotes is used for Character literal, for Strings use double quotes.
  4. Also, there’s no need of string. valueOf(i) .

How do you return a pair in Java?

Pair Class in Java

  1. Pair (K key, V value) : Creates a new pair.
  2. boolean equals() : It is used to compare two pair objects. …
  3. String toString() : This method will return the String representation of the Pair.
  4. K getKey() : It returns key for the pair.
  5. V getValue() : It returns value for the pair.
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How do you return a linked list in Java?


  1. Start.
  2. Declare a linked list of integer types without any initial size.
  3. Use the add method to add the elements.
  4. Append the elements at the end of the list.
  5. Print the linked list elements before reversing.
  6. Use the In-built Collections. …
  7. Print the linked list elements after reversing.
  8. Stop.