Is it necessary to know JavaScript to learn AngularJS?

Using Angular effectively requires that you understand the fundamentals of JavaScript. What’s more, the value you derive from Angular will be proportional to how adept you are at JavaScript. I don’t recommend learning Angular without at least a basic understanding of JavaScript.

What should I know before learning AngularJS?


  • Moderate knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Basic Model-View-Controller (MVC) concepts.
  • The Document Object Model (DOM)
  • JavaScript functions, events, and error handling.

Does angular work without JavaScript?

AngularJS is dependent upon JavaScript being enabled. This means that if someone visits an application or website built in AngularJS it will not render properly.

Can I learn angular with basic JavaScript?

So if we follow these experience level, the person should know JavaScript which is must for learning Angular, not just only Angular but there are tons of other frameworks and libraries are built on JavaScript so at last, we can say if you know the basic of JavaScript then you can start learning Angular right away.

What is the best way to learn AngularJS?

Online Tutorials That Help Beginners to Learn AngularJS Quickly and Flexibly

  1. AngularJS Tutorial on …
  2. AngularJS Courses on …
  3. AngularJS Tutorial on …
  4. Learn AngularJS Course on …
  5. AngularJS Course on …
  6. AngularJS Tutorial on
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What software is required for AngularJS?

AngularJS is eventually HTML and JavaScript code. So you can install any good editor/IDE as per your choice. The following editors are recommended: Sublime Text.

Why is AngularJS bad?

Firstly, since the framework is overcomplicated, not many developers really know it well and it is hard to find such developers is very hard. Secondly, server developers won’t understand what is going on front-end and won’t be able to read the code at all.

What is the advantage of AngularJS over JavaScript?

Advantages of AngularJS

AngularJS code is unit testable. AngularJS uses dependency injection and make use of separation of concerns. AngularJS provides reusable components. With AngularJS, the developers can achieve more functionality with short code.

Is Angular hard to learn?

Yes I did. You may say “No, the learning curve of AngularJS is very steep, and it’s hard to learn”. Based on my experience, it’s hard because we still think HTML is not expressive enough for business requirements and all dynamic functionalities.

Should I learn AngularJS or angular?

If you have a fairly simple and straightforward application to develop, AngularJS can make development faster and easier. But if you are looking to develop complex applications that must be scalable, Angular should be your obvious choice.

Can I learn angular in a week?

Once you have got the development environment ready, you start building your first Angular App and learning about the structure of Angular projects. … Even if you spend just 1 hour, you can learn Angular in one week by following this course.

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Can I learn angular if I know react?

Of course YES, If you know react its good but you should not stop on that, try to master that. Of course, you can do near about all the things with react which you can do with Angular (perhaps some more..) but as a software developer, I would like to say you should learn angular.

Is AngularJS easy?

The answer to the question- Is angular easy to learn, totally depends on your knowledge and learning of JavaScript. So if you have a basic knowledge of JavaScript, it would be easy for you to sail through. But are not well versed with your basics then indeed learning Angular will be an uneven hilly patch for you.

Which is the best site to learn AngularJS?

Best Way to Learn AngularJS Online

  • Thinkster. …
  • AirPair. …
  • Egghead. …
  • Code School. …
  • Udemy. …
  • MediaLoot. …
  • Pluralsight. Pluralsight is likely the first spot to look at in case you’re keen on taking AngularJS online course. …
  • Codementor. Codementor is one of the best ways to learn AngularJS online.