Question: Why is JavaScript code obfuscation a poor security feature?

Is code obfuscation secure?

Ultimately, code obfuscation alone is not enough to handle complex mobile security threats. Although it makes it more difficult to read and understand an app’s code, the availability of automated tools, when combined with hackers’ expertise, does not make it impossible to reverse-engineer.

Is obfuscated code bad?

As long as the code still runs correctly, then no matter what numbers of obfuscator you use, it should be OK. Remember that the main concern of using obfuscator is to make the code unreadable as far as possible while maintaining its correctness.

Should JavaScript be obfuscated?

Obfuscating your code is not a good idea. It will only inconvenience legitimate users (eg. when they need to fix a bug), and do nothing to ‘protect’ it from people who have a (financial) incentive to reverse-engineer it. It is fundamentally impossible to prevent reverse-engineering of Javascript code.

What is JavaScript obfuscated code?

JavaScript obfuscation is a series of code transformations that turn plain, easy-to-read JS code into a modified version that is extremely hard to understand and reverse-engineer. Unlike encryption, where you must supply a password used for decryption, there’s no decryption key in JavaScript obfuscation.

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Does obfuscation slow down code?

No. Obfuscation simply replaces your sensibly named code with an unreadable one.

Why is code obfuscation important?

It’s essential to hide business logic and code to make it harder for attackers to gain access and start debugging and tampering with your app. (They often repackage an application with malicious code.) … Code obfuscation can drastically reduce file size, and download times can be reduced drastically as well.

What is the difference between obfuscation and encryption?

What’s the Difference? Obfuscation, also referred to as beclouding, is to hide the intended meaning of the contents of a file, making it ambiguous, confusing to read, and hard to interpret. Encryption is to actually transform the contents of the file, making it unreadable to anyone unless they apply a special key.

What is obfuscation in security?

Data obfuscation is the process of hiding original data with modified content such as characters or other data. This process is used to safeguard information classified as personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive data (e.g. commercially competitive).

Do you need obfuscation?

Is obfuscation worth it? Yes, of course it is worth it. Any extra layer which does not interfere with another layer is always worth it.

Why do people obfuscate JavaScript?

Advantages of obfuscating JS

Prevent people from copying or modifying your code without authorization. The obfuscated JavaScript will be way larger and difficult to understand. … Debug protection, useful if you don’t want people to simply open the console to see what’s going on with the JavaScript.

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How does JavaScript obfuscation work?

How does the obfuscation work? Through a series of transformations, such as variable / function / arguments renaming, string removal, and others, your source code is transformed into something unreadable, while working exactly as before.

What is obfuscation What is it used for what about Minification?

Obfuscation and minification, both are processes of modifying source code like JavaScript. … Minification is done for improving performance of the code. On the other hand, obfuscation is done to make the source code difficult and unreadable, in order to hide the original source code.

Is obfuscated JavaScript slower?

3 Answers. It certainly does slow down the browser more significantly on older browsers (specifically when initializing), but it definitely slows it down even afterwards.

Can you encrypt JavaScript?

No, it’s not possible. If it runs on the client browser, it must be downloaded by the client browser. It’s pretty trivial to use Fiddler to inspect the HTTP session and get any downloaded js files.

What is obfuscated GP?

This generic detection identifies files (HTML, PDF JavaScript or scripts) that contain obfuscated code, which may be used by malware authors to evade detection by security products, or analysis by security researchers.