What does description do in SQL?

The DESCRIBE command enables you to describe objects recursively to the depth level set in the SET DESCRIBE command. You can also display the line number and indentation of the attribute or column name when an object contains multiple object types. For more information, see the SET command.

What is SQL Server description?

DESCRIBE means to show the information in detail. Since we have several tables in our SQL Server database, we will need a command to show a table’s structure, such as column names, data types, constraints on column names, etc.

Is description An SQL keyword?

Thus EXIT is a reserved keyword (but I don’t know where it is used) and DESCRIPTION is not. However, T-SQL uses a lot of unreserved keywords. That is, words that are used as keywords in special contexts but still can be used as identifiers.

How do I find the description of a table in SQL?

SQL Server: sp_help table_name (or sp_columns table_name for only columns) Oracle DB2: desc table_name or describe table_name. MySQL: describe table_name (or show columns from table_name for only columns)

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How do you use DESC?

When sorting your result set in descending order, you use the DESC attribute in your ORDER BY clause. For example: SELECT last_name FROM employees WHERE first_name = ‘Sarah’ ORDER BY last_name DESC; This SQL Server ORDER BY example would return all records sorted by the last_name field in descending order.

What is describe table?

Describes either the columns in a table or the current values, as well as the default values, for the stage properties for a table. DESCRIBE can be abbreviated to DESC. ALTER TABLE , CREATE TABLE , SHOW TABLES.

What is ASC and DESC?

4. DESC means descending. if you have the letters A – Z in your database, and you sort them by ASC , it will go from A to Z . ORDER BY DESC will sort them from Z to A . same goes for 0 – 9 , ascending and descending (for example).

What is describe in MySQL?

MySQLMySQLi Database. The MySQL’s DESCRIBE or DESC both are equivalent. The DESC is the short form of DESCRIBE command and used to dipslay the information about a table like column names and constraints on column name. The DESCRIBE command is equivalent to the following command − SHOW columns from yourTableName command …

What does references mean in SQL?

reference is a database name. In between the database name and the object name goes the schema. … For catalog views/DMVs, you can’t leave it out, but if you’re using your default schema (usually dbo), you can leave out the explicit reference.

How do you DESC a table in MySQL?

1. To describe a table:

  1. DESCRIBE table_name; is equivalent to this SHOW COLUMN statement:
  2. SHOW COLUMNS FROM table_name; Or you can also use the short form of describe:
  3. DESC table_name; …
  4. EXPLAIN table_name; …
  5. EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM table_name;
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How do you find the description of a table?

SQL DESC statement use for describe the list of column definitions for specified table. You can use either DESC or DESCRIBE statement.

SQL DESC Statement (Describe Table)

  1. Column Name.
  2. Column allow NULL or NOT NULL.
  3. Datatype of the Column.
  4. With database size precision and If NUMERIC datatype scale.

How do you describe a SQL database?

Returns the metadata of an existing database. The metadata information includes database name, database comment, and database location on the filesystem. If the optional EXTENDED option is specified, it returns the basic metadata information along with the database properties.

How do I view a column description in SQL Server?

About sys. columns

  1. Name: The name of the column. …
  2. Object_id: object_id is unique identifier for the table in which the column exists. …
  3. Column_id: ID of the column. …
  4. user_type_id: System code for column data type.
  5. max_length: Maximum length (in bytes) of the column.
  6. is_nullable: 1 if column is nullable.

What does DESC stand for?

DESC stands for Describe, Express, Specify and Consequences. To develop more assertiveness, practice using the DESC script. Try writing down what you will say and practice it before you talk to the person. DESCRIBE – Describe the behavior/situation as completely and objectively as possible.

How do you describe a table in DBMS?

So desc or describe command shows the structure of table which include name of the column, data-type of column and the nullability which means, that column can contain null values or not. All of these features of table are described at the time of Creation of table.

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