What is content pane in Java?

In Java Swing, the layer that is used to hold objects is called the content pane. Objects are added to the content pane layer of the container. The getContentPane() method retrieves the content pane layer so that you can add an object to it. The content pane is an object created by the Java run time environment.

What is a content pane?

A Content Pane is the most basic layout tile. Conceptually, it’s like the content boxes in portals like MyYahoo. A content pane resembles an iframe, but contains extra design features, fits in with the current theme, and renders widgets properly.

What is content pane in JFrame?

JFrames have a content pane, which holds the components. These components are sized and positioned by the layout manager when JFrame’s pack() is called. Content pane border. There are several ways to handle the content pane, but most of them fail to provide one basic requirement — ability to set a border.

How do I create a content pane?

Adding Components to a Frame

  1. Create a container such as a JPanel , a JScrollPane , or a JTabbedPane , add components to it, then use JFrame. setContentPane to make it the frame’s content pane. TableDemo. …
  2. Use JFrame. getContentPane to get the frame’s content pane. Add components to the object returned.
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Which pane is known as content pane?

The left pane displays the folders and drives and the right pane displays the contents of the selected folder or drive. Software terms, Task pane, Window.

What are components and containers in Java?

Java 8Object Oriented ProgrammingProgramming. The class Component is the abstract base class for the non-menu user-interface controls of AWT. A component represents an object with graphical representation. The class Container is the superclass for the containers of AWT.

What are the components we have in the content pane?

As a rule, the content pane contains, directly or indirectly, all of the visible components in the window’s GUI.

Swing Components and the Containment Hierarchy

  • a frame, or main window ( JFrame )
  • a panel, sometimes called a pane ( JPanel )
  • a button ( JButton )
  • a label ( JLabel )

What is pane in Java Swing?

The JLayeredPane class is used to add depth to swing container. It is used to provide a third dimension for positioning component and divide the depth-range into several different layers.

What are the five Java Swing components?


JTextArea class renders a multi-line text box. Similar to the JTextField, a user can input non-formatted text in the field. The constructor for JTextArea also expects two integer parameters which define the height and width of the text-area in columns.

What is EDT in Swing in Java?

The event dispatching thread (EDT) is a background thread used in Java to process events from the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) graphical user interface event queue. … Updating visible components from other threads is the source of many common bugs in Java programs that use Swing.

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Is JFrame a container?

Containers: JFrame = a heavy weight container used as the top-level window. JPanel = a light weight container used to organize GUI components.

What is JFrame class in Java?

JFrame class is a type of container inheriting the java. awt. Frame class. Whenever a Graphical Use Interface (GUI) is created with Java Swing functionality, a container is required where components like labels, buttons, textfields are added to create a Graphical User Interface(GUI) and is known as JFrame.

What is JTree function?

Tree-Related Classes and Interfaces

Class or Interface Purpose
JTree The component that presents the tree to the user.
TreePath Represents a path to a node.

What is tree pane?

The tree pane displays a hierarchical, folder-based structure of the objects as stored in the Directory. The tree pane displays the objects that are relevant to the view in the console. … When you select a folder, the list of objects within the folder is displayed in the table pane.

What do you mean by pane?

Definition of pane

: a piece, section, or side of something: such as. a : a framed sheet of glass in a window or door frost on a window pane. b : one of the sections into which a sheet of postage stamps is cut for distribution.