What is SQL profile in Oracle 11g?

A SQL profile is a set of auxiliary information specific to a SQL statement. Conceptually, a SQL profile is to a SQL statement what statistics are to a table or index. The database can use the auxiliary information to improve execution plans. … Therefore, SQL profiles just guide the optimizer to a better plan.

How do I find my SQL profile?

Manage SQL Profile in Oracle Database

  1. Check the SQL Profile in the Database. COLUMN category FORMAT a10. COLUMN sql_text FORMAT a20. …
  2. Check the SQL Profile internal hint information. SELECT. a.name. …
  3. Create the SQL Profiles. Two ways: …
  4. Disable the SQL Profiles. BEGIN.

What is difference between SQL profile and SQL baseline?

Think of it this way: SQL profiles give information to the optimizer to help select the best plan but don’t force the optimizer to select any specific plan. SQL plan baselines limit the optimizer plan selection to a set of accepted plans.

What is SQL profile and baseline in Oracle?

When used together with its regular inputs, a SQL profile helps the optimizer minimize mistakes and thus more likely to select the best plan. A SQL plan baseline for a SQL statement consists of a set of accepted plans. When the statement is parsed, the optimizer will only select the best plan from among this set.

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What is the difference between SQL profile and SPM baseline?

It is preferable to choose a SQL Profile simply because it allows the optimizer to pick best execution plans at run time. SQL Baseline on the other hand is more of a brute force method, when you simply marry a particular SQL to stay with a specific SQL execution plan.

What is SQL profile Oracle?

A SQL profile is a set of auxiliary information specific to a SQL statement. Conceptually, a SQL profile is to a SQL statement what statistics are to a table or index. … This information can improve optimizer cardinality and selectivity estimates, which in turn leads the optimizer to select better plans.

What is Oracle Database profile?

Introduction to Oracle CREATE PROFILE statement. A user profile is a set of limits on the database resources and the user password. Once you assign a profile to a user, then that user cannot exceed the database resource and password limits. … First, specify the name of the profile that you want to create.

How can I tell if a SQL profile is used?

SQL Profile is used by Optimizer for use more efficient execution plan for the SQL Query to make in accepted State. It is found in DBA_SQL_PROFILES view. It used to choose better plan by optimizer if the SQL profile plan is having low cost then optimizer use it. Check the SQL Profile in the Database.

How do I create a SQL profile?

How to Create Custom SQL Profile

  1. Step 1: Review the mail.html.
  2. Step 2: Run COE_XFR_SQL_PROFILE.
  3. Step 3: Create Custome SQL Profile.
  4. Step 4: Verif is it using SQL_PROFILE.
  5. Step 5: Flushing a Single SQL Statement from Library Cache (Only if required)
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What is SQL patch in Oracle?

A SQL patch is a SQL manageability object that can be generated by the SQL Repair Advisor, in order to circumvent a plan which causes a failure. In essence, a SQL patch tells the optimizer to change the plan in some way or avoid an optimization so that the failure does not occur.

What is SQL baseline?

SQL plan management uses a mechanism called a SQL plan baseline. A plan baseline is a set of accepted plans that the optimizer is allowed to use for a SQL statement. In the typical use case, the database accepts a plan into the plan baseline only after verifying that the plan performs well.

How use SQL Profiler for performance tuning in Oracle?

Optimize Queries with Oracle SQL Profiler

  1. Compare query profiling results to determine whether query execution time has been reduced after the change.
  2. Detect potential bottlenecks that may slow down query performance.
  3. Analyze the EXPLAIN plan and track session statistics.

How do I create a baseline in SQL?

You can create a SQL plan baseline in several ways: using a SQL Tuning Set (STS); from the cursor cache; exporting from one database and importing into another; and automatically for every statement.

How do I find SQL plan baselines?

Identify the SQL_ID of the SQL statement by querying the V$SQL view. Use this SQL_ID to manually load the SQL plan baseline. The DBA_SQL_PLAN_BASELINES view provides information about the SQL plan baselines. We can see there is a single plan associated with our baseline, which is both enabled and accepted.