You asked: Can PL SQL procedure have a return statement?

A Procedure in SQL can have a RETURN statement to return the control to the calling block, but it cannot return any values through the RETURN statement. Procedures cannot be called directly from SELECT statements. They can be called from another block or through EXEC keyword.

Can we use return in procedure?

You can use one or more RETURN statements in a stored procedure. The RETURN statement can be used anywhere after the declaration blocks within the SQL-procedure-body. To return multiple output values, parameters can be used instead.

How do you return a procedure in PL SQL?

If you want to have RETURN value as return from the PL/SQL call, then use FUNCTION . Please note that in case, you would be able to return only one variable as return variable. — Procedure output can be collected from variables x and y (ans1:= x and ans2:=y) will be: 150 and 20 respectively.

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Can SQL stored procedure return value?

Return Value in SQL Server Stored Procedure

In default, when we execute a stored procedure in SQL Server, it returns an integer value and this value indicates the execution status of the stored procedure. … The second result set displays the stored procedure return value.

How many RETURN statements can a function have PL SQL?

A function can have more than one RETURN statement. All the RETURN statements is executed each time the function is called.

Can we use RETURN statement in procedure in Oracle?

A Procedure in SQL can have a RETURN statement to return the control to the calling block, but it cannot return any values through the RETURN statement.

Can procedure return multiple values in PL SQL?

You can (in fact, must) assign values to these variables in the body of the function. You can not read them. (Declare the arguments as IN OUT if you want to do both.)

What is the difference between procedure and function in Plsql?

A procedure is a named PL/SQL block that carries out one or more actions. A function is a named PL/SQL block that returns a value.

How many RETURN are possible in function and procedure?

To return a value using the Return statement

Follow the Return keyword with an expression that yields the value you want to return to the calling code. You can have more than one Return statement in the same procedure.

What is the difference between procedure and function?

Function is used to calculate something from a given input. Hence it got its name from Mathematics. While procedure is the set of commands, which are executed in a order.

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How can a stored procedure return a variable?

Return values can be used within stored procedures to provide the stored procedure execution status to the calling program.

Return Value in Stored Procedure

  1. Create PROCEDURE UsingExistsstoredprocedure.
  2. (
  3. @UserName VARCHAR(100)
  4. )
  5. AS.
  6. DECLARE @ResultValue int.

Can a stored procedure return multiple values?

Multiple values will be returned from Stored Procedure by returning comma separated (delimited) values using Output Parameter. Output Parameter is supported in Stored Procedures of all SQL Server versions i.e. 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and 2014.

How many values can be returned from a stored procedure?

How many values can be returned from a given stored function? Explanation: In MySQL, the stored function cannot return multiple values. Instead, multiple stored functions can be written and invoked from within a single statement however, they are different from stored procedures. 3.

Can a function have multiple return statements in Oracle?

Once the function is in place we can use the table clause of sql statement to get the desired result. As desired we got multiple values returned from the function. … There can be a situation where you want these comma separated values to be a part of “IN” clause.

Can procedure be anonymous in sql?

The PL/SQL anonymous block statement is an executable statement that can contain PL/SQL control statements and SQL statements. It can be used to implement procedural logic in a scripting language. In PL/SQL contexts, this statement can be compiled and executed by the data server.

How can a PL SQL block be executed?

First, connect to the Oracle Database server using Oracle SQL Developer. Second, create a new SQL file named anonymous-block. sql resided in the C:plsql directory that will store the PL/SQL code. Third, enter the PL/SQL code and execute it by clicking the Execute button or pressing the Ctrl-Enter keyboard shortcut.

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