Your question: How big can a Java string be?

Therefore, the maximum length of String in Java is 0 to 2147483647. So, we can have a String with the length of 2,147,483,647 characters, theoretically.

What is the max size of a string?

String limitations

Value Maximum Limit
Length of character constant 32,672
Length of concatenated character string 2,147,483,647
Length of concatenated binary string 2,147,483,647
Number of hex constant digits 16,336

How do you make a large string in Java?

You can simply create a large character array. char[] data = new char[1000000]; If you need to make a real String object, you can: String str = new String(data);

How do you find the max of a string in Java?


  1. public class Characters.
  2. public static void main(String[] args) {
  3. String str = “grass is greener on the other side”;
  4. int[] freq = new int[str. length()];
  5. char minChar = str. charAt(0), maxChar = str. charAt(0);
  6. int i, j, min, max;
  7. //Converts given string into character array.
  8. char string[] = str. toCharArray();

How large can a C++ string be?

There is no official limit on the size of a string. The software will ask your system for memory and, as long as it gets it, it will be able to add characters to your string.

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Can you use += for strings Java?

7 Answers. Since String is immutable in java, when you do a + , += or concat(String) , a new String is generated. The bigger the String gets the longer it takes – there is more to copy and more garbage is produced. Today’s java compilers optimizes your string concatenation to make it optimal, e.g.

How do you find the max of a string?

Find the character with max value in a String using max()

  1. # Find character with max ASCII value in string.
  2. maxValue = max(sampleStr)
  3. print(‘Character with max ASCII value : ‘, maxValue)

How do you find the maximum value of a string?

Find the maximum number present in a String

  1. Initialize max_so_far=0, current_no=0.
  2. Iterate the given string from left to right. …
  3. return max_so_far.
  4. See and run the code below for more understanding.

How do you find the largest word in a string?


  1. Define a string.
  2. Convert the string to lowercase to make it case-insensitive.
  3. Add an extra space at the end.
  4. Now, iterate through the string till space is found and add those character into variable word. …
  5. Initialize variable small and large with first word of array.

What is the maximum length of AC string *?

The maximum length of a string literal allowed in Microsoft C is approximately 2,048 bytes.

How long is AC string?

1 Answer. The maximum size of all reference type (like a string) instances is limited by the CLR to 2GB. Since a character in . NET takes 2 bytes, that means a string can hold a maximum of around 1 billion characters.

What is the meaning of 20 char max?

The type char (*)[20] is read as “pointer to array of size 20 of char . It is not an array of pointers to char . An array (of size 20) of pointers to char would be char *[20] . Because this is an array, it can decay to a pointer to the first element of the array.

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